Trombe Wall


In this project, a Trom-be wall unit was manufactured and installed in one of the hotel rooms at El Mousa Eco-Lodge in Saint Cath-erine, Sinai, Egypt. The climate of the region is severe and extreme, charactarized by severe cold win-ters (snow and rain) and very hot summers. Therefore, the wall will act as a passive heating system.

Oecumene Studio Contribution: 

– Enhancement and development of the existing prototype

– Detailed technical drawings

– Manufacturing and installation

1 week Improvement of design, Detailing and manufacturing; 2 days implementation. 


Saint Catherine, Egypt


Dr.Marwa Dabeih

Caracteristic Elements:

  • Passive solar heating technology
  • Vernacular architecture
Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil