Houshygama'ana Alexandria

acupuncture interventions 5 schools-1 avenue


Houchygama’ana Alexandria is the 3rd version of the project aiming to redesign the underutilized schoolyards of five refugee-hosting governmental schools in Alexandria, Egypt through a series of participatory Co-design workshops with the students, teaching staff and school ad-ministration. The project redefines Egyptian schoolyards as a stimulating multi-use open space suitable as not only a recreational en-vironment but also as an outdoor learning environment which contributes in shaping the characters of future generation.


Alexandria, Egypt


UNHCR EGYPT- Community Support Programme (CSP)

Fine Arts Alexandria

Caracteristic Elements:

  • Maximize the use of abandoned and
    in-between spaces
  • Participatory design and construction with the local community (craftsmen, students, teachers)
  • Construction site at High Intensity of Labor
Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Mohamed Karam, Heba Mohamed Attia, Tayseer Khairy, Mona Farouk, Waraqat