The project entails the development of a strategic plan for the Design and Build Cost-effective housing units for vulnerable women in particular widows and single mothers, in Uganda.  Our first pilot and experimental project is being implemented in Mpeji district in partnership with local craftsman. The interlocking brick is the main material used for the construction as well as other local materials such as reeds. Construction is planned to kick-off the 4th of August 2020. A risk management plan have been developed to cope with COVID-19. 

Mai 2020
Design Phase

8 Weeks

July 2020
BOQ and Maram testing

4 weeks

August 2020
Construction Phase

3 weeks (in progress)


Mpeji, Uganda


Mpeji City District

Ouroots Africa

Jutiv Construction LTD

Mutibwa Family

Caracteristic Elements:

  • Use of local building materials, eg. Bricks, recycled tiles, reeds.
  • Interlocking stabilised earth bricks techniques
  • Design and Research for optimized cost/time-effective housing unit.
  • Community ourtreach strategy
Insaf Ben Othmane H.,Nakawuki Stella Lukwago, Omar Wanas, Hussein Wanas, Ntongo Barbie