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Inclusive Heritage Urban Transition – Siwa,Egypt

SIWI Architecture community centre “SIWI ACC” is a local, national and international architecture research and community centre. It will not only be an additional building in SIWA OASIS but will be a concrete example of today’s Siwan architecture using modern and traditional techniques, actual architectural response illustrated by the extension part and a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Siwan architectural through the renovation of the existent part of the building. The centre will provide Egyptian and Siwan architecture with an international showcase, will promote the knowledge and the Siwan architectural heritage, will be a training centre for publics in architecture.


The project was first applied in June 2014 in a governmental school in Gamasa, Egypt. This was followed by creating a child and community outdoor space in the Central Park of New Damietta, Egypt and is currently being applied in 5 governmental schools in the governorate of Alexandria. The project process entails creating a set of socially engaging processes that bring school students, staff and community members together to define and engage in the processes of reshaping and developing their schools.

Governance Vs integrated approach

Integrated planning approach is facing various problems related to uncertainty of the notion itself which the contours remain unclear. The fragmented responsibilities of key stakeholders leads to complete failure of the whole process, lack of institutional capacities and most of all the resistance to change.

An overview on spatial exclusion process in Tunisia

The exclusion is defined as being the process of excluding. Exclude is to deny to someone to access to a place, group or privilege and remove from consideration.ii Etymologically exclusion comes from the Latin word excludere, «from L. Excludere. Keep out, shut out, hinder, from ex-“out” + claudere “to close, shut»

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