Ala Abouh
In-situ Spacemaking

Location / Period

Geziret El-Dahab, Cairo – 2014


inhabitants of Geziret El-Dahab in particular the youth and children

Insaf Ben Othmane H., Omar Wanas, Ahmed Mohamed Nabil, Carla Schwarz.

The “‘Ala Abouh’ Vernissage” is an in situ urban exhibition made by a group of multidisciplinary performers whom collaborated and experimented to produce spontaneous works in ‘Ala Abouh’ spaces. It took place the 23rd and 24th of May 2015.

The idea has been developed and implemented by Insaf Ben Othmane H. Founder of Ecumene Studio and Carla Schwarz.


2 Weeks Preparation

2 days implementation

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