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A non-profit hub that engage with you in the process of reshaping our commons

In a context where one billion people are living in poor and insecure conditions in the world today, and in light of the complexity of challenges that face human settlement’s development, an integrated, interdisciplinary approach is called for to tackle its entangled existence.

It has been now a decade that Oecumene SpacesForDignity and its members work towards building an infrastructure of change: Human, Innovative, and cohesive. Founded by Insaf Ben Othmane H. Œcumene Studio goal is to initiate projects and design possibilities for change by local communities where this change is driven by contextual needs, local challenges but also community assets and resources. 

Passionate about people and their generous capacity to care for the other, We connect ideas, dreams, skills, knowledge, resources to create synergies and collective intelligence for an inclusive world, dignified human habitat and safe resilient communities: Building community by and through action. 

At Oecumene SpacesForDignity,  we believe that the act of Co-design, the act of  Co-build  are keys to build societies, empower communities and create Space/Place of Coexistence: Design possibilities for positive impact.

The Architecture and Engineering of Communities

oecumene écoumène\ecumene\oikumen

"In Augustin Berque’s opinion, the human milieux did not only reveal the planet or the biosphere, but referred to the Ecumene, i.e. the relationship between humanity and Earthly space. In other words, the Ecumene comprised the human body’s process of extension towards everything external to it: “The Ecumene is our flesh, it is part of our body”(Berque, 1998, p.82)

People deserve to live in better places where they can raise their families, feel secure, feel empowered. We foreseen Architecture as a tool to rebond, reconcile, the Human with his 'Milieux': The 'Ecumene'.

Œcumene Spaces For Dignity is the evolving hub for creative processes, complex and connected mechanisms, disciplines, knowledge and people to rebuild resilient societies by bridging the gap between the Know and the Know how (Theory and practice). Known as well as, Œcumene Studio is a research Lab, Co-design & co-build studio and more. We like the idea that we don't fit into a mould.
Insaf Ben Othmane

Human in the heart of our practice

Knowledge-Based TERRITORIES

Strategic & Integrated: Participatory and collaborative planning and human centred response


For & By the people:
Co-Design and


Collective intelligence and knowledge based learning : Research, Training and Advisory

Our three milestones

1. Strategic Integrated APPROACH

We are continuously developing strategies for design practices based on our field experiences and on intense collaboration with actors from different fields. In light of the complexity of challenges that face human settlements nowadays, an interdisciplinary approach is a necessity. 

2. sustainable INCLUSIVE solutions

We develop contextualised design solutions founded on creative processes combined with human centred methodologies. Our projects aims to be culturally, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.  We prioritise environmental performance, and use of local ressources.  

3 . vision - Innovation - Creativity

Expanding the definition of architecture and space practices beyond their narrow image of posh design and elitism. Design is a powerful tool to address today’s challenges of socio-spatial justice, human dignity and empowerment for positive, bigger impact.  

Achievements since 2015


Initiated & implemented design and build project


Participatory workshops


Public free Exhibitions & Symposiums & Masterclasses



community based projects: Co-existence, empowerment, conflict resolution, dignity


Our partners

thinking outside
the box is our motto

We can support in a variety of fields related to development, participatory urbanism, bottom-up approach: participatory need assessments, moderation, research studies, tailored solutions and tools, advisory, training support, innovative projects and initiatives and training support for all actors and stakeholders: States government non- governmental organizations, private entities and individuals.

we are also

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